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A Little Bit About Us


Triggered Esports came into existence with the vision from Tian “Mr. X” Schoeman looking into promoting Online First Person Shooter games in South Africa, exposing those with true grit and skill in their respective games onto higher scenes. As an organisation all aim will be to further both individuals and  teams to their highest potential being from the Digital Gaming League upwards to FPL and ESL leagues. With close contact with multiple established organisations such as Bravado Gaming and Souzern Lions, Triggered Esports encourages professional play on secure platforms. 

With the knowledge of the growing electronic sports scene around the world and the South African scene getting rapid exposure it is up to all South African Gaming organisations to encourage the professional leagues and assist with furthering the digital Sports scene in South Africa. 

With Rapid expansion into the Counter Strike Global Offensive scene, Triggered Esports has gained the likes of 4 DGL Teams namely Ou Ballies, 4Ken, Trigered 5 and Rookie 5 from the Open Division up to the First Division, Triggered supports their players to the last mile and opening the doors for both higher tier divisions and sponsorship from established brands and companies seeking marketing and digital exposure.

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